• Semi-annual Report 2016

  • Assuria Mini Casco Coverage!

  • Properly insured also during the construction.

  • Azpas. Assured of good care.

  • 25 years

  • No need to push anymore. Call 177.

  • TAMARA NO FARA! Timely invest in an additional pension settlement!

  • Adjustments to AZPAS premiums and coverages

  • Squall damages! Be prepared! Zeker is Zeker

  • Download the new version of the Assuria Mobile App.

Semi-Annual report 2016

With pleasure we present you the semi-annual report 2016. In this report we account for the developments within our company in the first six months of 2016.

Assuria Mini Casco

A Comprehensive Car Insurance doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. That’s why the Assuria Mini Casco coverage is a perfect addition to your existing Third-Party Liability Insurance. With...


Due to devaluation of the Surinamese dollar and the resulting rise in medical costs, we unfortunately are forced to adjust the AZPAS premiums and coverages. This applies to...


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