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When you have employees you know that you have to arrange a lot for them. You want to do this properly, because your staff is very important for your business. After all, satisfied employees perform better. Having good secondary conditions will help you do this. We offer an excellent insurance package for your employees. Please contact our Corporate & Special Accounts (C&SA) department.


  • Attractive premiums
  • Different packages to choose from
  • Option for extra coverage
  • You can fully outsource the insurance, relieving your own administration
  • A good network of service providers is immediately at your disposal
  • Entitlement to additional discounts and profit sharing
  • Lower individual costs if employees share in the financial benefit
  • Employees are I immediately reimbursed for a good package of medical care

Health Insurance

  • Profit sharing for companies with AZPAS Plus insurance
  • Extensive AZPAS-Medicines List
  • Group discount for AZPAS insurances

Pension Insurance

  • Survivor’s pension and invalidity pension are included in the insurance
  • Surplus interest for companies with pension insurance
  • Group discount for pensions

Personal Accidents Insurance

  • You determine the cover amount
  • Covered territory: Worldwide
  • 24/7 coverage

Suriname Industrial Accidents Act (S.O.R.)

  • Reimbursement of minimum daily wages of SRD 280
  • 100% payment of wages of the insured daily wages in case of temporary incapacity for work of your personnel
  • SRD 144,000 benefit for funeral costs