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Having Accident Insurance is not an unnecessary luxury. Because as you know, accidents will happen, and every day people are at risk of having an accident. This insurance will limit the personal and financial consequences in case that you do. We will pay you or your surviving relatives a fixed amount if you become permanently disabled, pass away or become temporarily unfit for work. Assuria also offers the possibility of taking out an insurance for the medical costs arising from an accident or an additional coverage for sportsmen and sportswomen.


  • You determine the coverage
  • Option of increased benefit in case of permanent disability
  • You determine the deductible in case of temporary incapacity for work

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Suriname Industrials Accidents Act (S.O.R.)

As a private individual, you are not obligated to take out insurance for your gardener and other domestic personnel. However, when you act as a contracting party, you are responsible for taking out an insurance.

Personal Accidents Insurance

Coverage of the consequences of personal accidents.

Sports Accidents

For accidents that occur when engaging in sports activities.