• Semi-annual report 2017

  • Assuria Mini Casco Coverage!

  • Properly insured also during the construction.

  • Azpas. Assured of good care.

  • New!!! Assuria Home Assistance.

  • No need to push anymore. Call 177.

  • TAMARA NO FARA! Timely invest in an additional pension settlement!

  • Squall damages! Be prepared! Zeker is Zeker

Assuria Home Assistance

The Assuria Home Assistance is an additional coverage which you can add to your Home insurance. Assistance with: Electrical failure (water pressure system and air conditioning) Clogged sewerage...

Semi-Annual report 2016

With pleasure we present you the semi-annual report 2016. In this report we account for the developments within our company in the first six months of 2016.

Assuria Mini Casco

A Comprehensive Car Insurance doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. That’s why the Assuria Mini Casco coverage is a perfect addition to your existing Third-Party Liability Insurance. With...


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