It is important to us that you are not only provided with information about our insurances and services, but that you are also able to read how our customers have experienced these. We would therefore like to share their experiences with you.

Below are the most recent reviews written by Assuria customers. Customer approval was granted for the publication of these statements.

Customer Friendly, fast service, clear instructions, and good advice.
Good response and correct feedback.
Very friendly. Willingness to help and very good explanation.
Fantastic! If there was a number ten, I would have chosen that too.
Friendly staff and good service.
I got a quick answer through your app service. So easy that I don't have to leave the house.
The feedback takes place within a very short time and so does the settlement.
Quick service - Very customer friendly - Staff at the desk, Claims Damage and Medical Department are super friendly! Awesome.
Good communication towards the customer. Received feedback within 1 working day that I can look for a car painter.
Fast service and customer friendly.
For the very first time, I was involved in a road accident this year. Someone hit me and I didn't know what to do. The 177 Roadside Assistance employee helped me sooo much. I was so happy with him.
Quick response and commitment. It has reassured me on this one.