About us

Assuria is a solid financial Group offering insurance services to the markets where we operate. We deliver an innovative and best in class customer experience, with care, through a wide array of solutions.

We are a trustworthy partner and respect the interests and aspirations of our stakeholders and community.

We aim to provide an opportunity for growth and development of our employees and agents, and a fair return for shareholders.

To be a people-focused Caribbean financial institution of choice, offering trustworthy, innovative and easily accessible insurance solutions to protect what you value, built on a solid and secure base.

• Integrity
• Innovation
• Expertise
• Customer Focus
• Care

Assuria N.V. is the holding company of shares in Assuria Levensverzekering N.V., Assuria Schadeverzekering N.V., Assuria Medische Verzekering N.V., Assuria Beleggingsmaatschappij N.V., Interdomestic Trading N.V., DSB-Assuria Vastgoedmaatschappij N.V. (51%), Assuria Real Estate N.V., Gulf Insurance Ltd., Assuria Life (GY) Inc. (75%), Assuria General (GY) Inc. (75%), Assuria Life (T&T) Ltd. (97%) and Appuyant Vastgoed N.V. (50%).

Assuria N.V. is the largest insurance company in Suriname. In 2012 Assuria was the first fully Surinamese financial institution to establish itself abroad by setting up a subsidiary company in Guyana. In April 2013, Assuria N.V fully took over the general insurer Gulf Insurance Limited, established in Trinidad & Tobago.

In 2015 Assuria acquired the majority interest of 77% in the life insurer MEGA Insurance Company Ltd. (MEGA), also established in Trinidad & Tobago. Contrary to Gulf Insurance Limited, a company that operates in different countries, MEGA is only established in Trinidad. The take-over of the interest in MEGA is a strategic step, taken by Assuria to increase its presence in the Caribbean region. The name MEGA has been changed into Assuria Life (T&T) Ltd.


Assuria N.V. regularly supports initiatives related to health, exercise and socially relevant topics. Assuria N.V. believes it is important that people are aware of the importance of their health and makes a contribution in this context by supporting activities.

Assuria N.V. is the first financial services provider in Suriname to be ISO certified. Partly as a result of the implementation of our quality management system since 2008, Assuria N.V. can guarantee its clients a high quality of service that meets international requirements.

Assuria's quality policy means that clients are assured of delivery of products and service in accordance with their wishes, within Assuria's general policy and general terms and conditions of delivery.


  • Complies with all laws and regulations and its own company procedures.
  • Communicates the quality policy to all employees and provides support for its implementation.
  • Provides the means to carry out the processes effectively and efficiently.
  • Is always open to ideas to improve quality.