An unexpected event, such as fire, burglary or storm can cause significant damage to your house. An Assuria Homeowners Insurance covers the costs to repair these damages. You can either opt for a basic coverage, insuring your house only against damages arising from a fire to your residence, or for a more extensive coverage.


  • Not only your own residence, but also your rented home with or without household effects, can be insured against at least a fire.
  • It is easy to take out additional insurance for coverage of damage caused by storm, violent winds, or burglary.
  • In case of damage to your residence, where the house is deemed unfit for habitation, the Homeowner Insurance covers up to 6 months of rent of a temporary house.
  • Debris removal costs, repair costs and any costs for the recruitment of experts are covered.

Now, it is also possible to pay the Homeowners Insurance premium in monthly instalments. Are you about to take out a new insurance or renew your current insurance?

Select one of the following payment term options:

  1. Monthly payment
  2. Quarterly payment
  3. Semi-annual payment
  4. Annual payment
  5. Payment for a period of 3 years
  6. Payment for a period of 5 years

Ask about the payment options.

Homeowners Insurance

from SRD 506 annually.
  • Coverages: *Section 1 + *Section 6
  • Insured amount: SRD 150,000

House Effects Insurance

From SRD 371 annually.
  • Coverages: *Section 1 + *Section 6
  • Insured amount: SRD 100,000

Basic House Effects Insurance

From SRD 138 annually.
  • Coverage: *Section 1

Liability Insurance

From SRD 101 annually.
  • Insured amount SRD 25,000 or SRD 50,000
  • Single householders or family/cohabitants
  • Including pets in the policy