At Assuria we are aware that the people you love most are your most valuable asset. We therefore offer different life insurances for the proper insurance of yourself and your loved ones. A life insurance is a collective name for all insurance related to the life and death of people.


  • Being set for the rest of your life only a one-time effort
  • ­Free of charge personal advice from experts
  • Competitive premiums
  • Additional discount with the Assuria Benefit Plan
  • Smooth claims handling
  • Profit sharing
  • Premium waiver in case of incapacity for work
  • Flexible payment with option of single premium payment or multiple premium payments
  • Tax-free benefit
  • Option of insurance in foreign currency
  • Flexibility to make interim changes to the insured amount
  • Excellent service and accessibility
  • Professional insurance agents
  • Online assistance via Facebook Messenger

Educational Fees Plan

The Assuria Educational Fees Plan enables you to insure your child of a guaranteed fixed monthly income for a pre-specified period.

Savings Insurance

The Savings Insurance offers the possibility to build up capital during a self-determined period in combination with a death insurance. This insured capital is paid out when the insured person is alive on the end date or immediately after his or her passing before the end date.

Term Life Insurance

This insurance consists of a lump-sum payment at death. The insured capital is only paid out after the insured person(s) passes away before the end date.

Pension Insurance

With this insurance you are assured of a guaranteed fixed monthly income from your retirement age.

Funeral Insurance

This insurance, also called burial insurance, covers the costs of a funeral.

Assuria Mortgage -Linked Pension

Do you own a house and plot? Then you have considerable equity. This equity is tied up in the excess value of the property. With the Assuria Mortgage-Linked Pension you can use this excess value to have a guaranteed life-long annuity paid out.

Assuria Investment (AI) Plan

The AI-Plan is an investment insurance which aims to achieve the highest possible return in the long term.