Assuria Video Call

You no longer need to leave the house to have a personal conversation about your insurance matters. An Assuria Video Call allows you to have an online video conversation with an advisor, whenever it suits you. For example, during your lunch break. You can start the call via your computer, tablet or smartphone.

With a video call you can see and hear each other. If you want to, of course. If you prefer otherwise, you can always turn off the camera. You can also show each other information by sharing the screen.

You can have a video call via:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Skype
  • Zoom
  • Google Meet

Complete the contact form to make an appointment.

The benefits of a video call:

  • With a video call you decide when you want to meet.
  • A video call can be made wherever you are.
  • You will be provided with expert advice, regardless of whether you have simple or more complicated insurance-related questions

What are some of the things I can plan a video call for?

  • Taking out a new insurance policy
  • Renewing your insurance policy
  • Information about payments
  • Complaints or feedback